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PART 1 Complete tutorials for CoachNow, Calendly & G-Suite. Each coach is an independent contractor and responsible for their personal book of business using the GPG systems below. Please read and review these tutorials, and use them as reference when needed going forward. 

Read Game Evaluation Webpage for Information. It is the first lesson with a new student, it is important to have the student to “baseline testing”, ie Trackman Combine in addition to the video analysis and Swing Catalyst. The word “Evaluation”, means you are establishing where the golfer is currently at. With Trackman, we can give them a factual number for for their ball striking skills. Then perform the video analysis, swing catalyst, etc… to help them start step 1 for improvement. The first lesson options are minimum 60-minutes for a new golfer to GPG. 

If a customer books the event ” Trackman Combine”, that is not a private lesson. Many customers try to get a private lesson for half the price, but our website is clear. The Trackman combine is for experienced golfers that do NOT want a private lesson but would like to get data from Trackman on their swing and a GPG coach will review the Trackman combine report with the player. Beginners (players that can’t break 100) should take a private lesson,  they will not get much out of a trackman combine, or test center.

The game evaluation is a private lesson,  but it is the first opportunity to show how we are different. One aspect is that we track progress. How we do that in the full swing is by using the Trackman combine and customizing it to their distances in Trackman “test center”. For most men that are average golfers and hit their driver, they should start with the one titled “pro…” which is the same distances as the traditional trackman combine, but half only 25 shots. 

After the combine, you will use the videos and trackman data to review what they need to work on. The objective is to provide them with drills, etc.. that they can work on between lessons and when they do their next trackman combine, hopefully their score will improve. 

The trackman combine focuses on distance control and accuracy. For players you work with regularly, you should for stat tracking,  this allows you to have more insight to their game on the course. During the first lesson, please ensure you:


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