Located at Timber Creek Golf Club

2023 Ryder Cup at GPG

Beat the heat and come play The 2023 GPG Ryder Cup at Marco Simone GC

Come join us and play the Ryder Cup course and compete with your friends at Golf Performance Group! Now through Sunday, you can book a tee time to play Marco Simone on The Trackman Golf Simulator. Everyone is welcome!



How to sign up...


The Ryder Cup at Marco Simone GC at Golf Performance Group! This a team event with 2 players per team. Due to time constrictions, it is a 9 hole tournament, and teams will have a maximum of 90-minutes to complete their round (it should take roughly 60-minutes). This tournament is open to anyone, that’ what’s so great about golf, handicaps allow us all to play and compete together! 

Format: Foursomes, a stroke play – net format, with “auto-fixed” putting. The game will “auto-fixed putting” to keep it the game fair and speed up the pace of play. 
For example, putts <10ft are gimmies, 10-64.9ft are 2-putts and putts >65ft are 3-putts.  Men will play from the middle tee’s and women will play from the forward tees.

  • Golfers can play multiple rounds, each round requires an entry fee

In the event of a tie for first place, we will have a score card play off to determine an overall champion. This will also decide how the prizes are distributed. 
Tie Breaker

  1. Lowest Score Last 6
  2. Lowest Score Last 3
  3. Lowest Score Last 1 hole(s)
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