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Elite Golf Training Program

Golf Performance Group is led by national award winning and former college coach JJ Wood.  JJ believes that golfers that want to take their game to the next level requires addressing all the different variables that professional golfers are great at. The main goal is to teach up and coming players to understand and own their game, in addition to how to train correctly, and get your mindset right for playing your best on the golf course. 

golf training program has been featured on...

golf training program has been featured on...


The objective of the elite training program is to provide all the resources and world-class coaching at an affordable price. The program will prepare competitive advanced junior golfers and college players for the next level. If you feel like you haven’t reached your potential, our approach is a proven holistic golf training program, similar to top college golf teams and how PGA Tour players practice.

Each practice has a specific practice plan, which incorporates premium technology, fundamental coaching, performance strategies, and game like competition.

The program is led by former NCAA coach and PGA Director of Instruction, JJ Wood. The Elite training program focuses on skill development, but we address all the different variables it takes to be a great player, such as tournament preparation, mental game and on course management.  

Training Program

Most golfers track their progress by what they shoot on the course. Elite players need to break it down more in depth. In the first session you attend, you will start with a Trackman Combine and Wedge Combine. You will be provided with the short game and putting test if you are unable to attend that specific session, so we can establish a baseline for your game, develop a customized. plan for improvement, and re-test at the end of the program (last week of July). 

More Details

There are a total of 24 Sessions held June 7- July 28th. (8 weeks)

STEP 1 Choose the best option below to reserve your spot in the program. There are limited spots available, don’t wait! Packages below are a one time fee. 

STEP 2 After you checkout, you will be re-directed to the “player resources” page to access the online calendar to reserve your spot for practice and/or private lessons


Weekly Training
$ 699 Savings of $501
  • (8) Training Sessions ($1200 Value)
  • PGA Tour Strokes Gained Software
  • 50% Off Additional Private Coaching


Unlimited Training
$ 999 Savings of $3,001
  • Unlimited Group Training (24 sessions available)
  • (8) Hours Indoor Practice Bay
  • PGA Tour Strokes Gained Software
  • 50% Off Private Coaching

Elite Package

Unlimited Training With Private Coaching
$ 1599 Savings of $3801
  • (4) Private Lessons (Value $600)
  • (4) Swing Check-Ups (Value $400)
  • Unlimited Group Training
  • Unlimited Access Indoor Practice Bay
  • PGA Tour Strokes Gained Software
  • 50% Off Additional Private Coaching

1-Day Practice Pass

Choose a one practice. that fits your schedule
$ 150 one-time fee
  • (1) 3-hour Sesssion
  • No commitment



What They Say...
"We got offered a full ride! Thank you for all your coaching on her game and mentorship in the recruiting process. We couldn’t had done it without you!"
NCAA Golfer
"I first connected with JJ to receive help connecting with college coaches. I then utilized his mental game and golf lesson programs to prepare for competitive tournaments. These programs worked, as I won the Texas State Junior Championship and have a golf scholarship to Arkansas, Little Rock!"
Former NCAA Golfer, Current Professional
"The advice we received, help with the golf recruiting video, resume, letter, tournament scheduling and coaches contact information has been really helpful. Overall, the program as been very very good! You have guided us very well and we now feel like we have a plan and are executing a plan. The recruiting booklet and practice guides were extremely helpful...."
NCAA Golfer

Golf Performance Group

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