Located at Timber Creek Golf Club


4-week series of private lessons to improve your game and lower your scores on the golf course. 

Value $720 (Save $321)
Limited Time Price: $399


5 private lesson hours + (3) FREE swing check ups and (10) FREE practice hours (Free bonuses valued at $800)

After you check out, you will be able to book your first lesson and pick your coach.

  1. What skill level is this for? Intermediate – Advanced golfers, basically if you can break 100 or a professional golfer, this will improve your game! If you are a beginner, please click here to see your training program!
  2. What Is The Trackman Combine? The TrackMan Combine is a standardized test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Over 10,000 combines have been taken by golfers from around the globe. From the world’s top ranked players to amateur golfers with a handicap over 20. Trackman is trusted by the PGA Tour, over 90% own a Trackman device and use the combine to evaluate their full swing performance.
  3. FREE 1-month GPG basic academy membership. (4 total practice hours outside of the private lesson) Value: $200
  4. WHAT ARE PRACTICE HOURS Golfers can use the 4 practice hours to attend our small “skills and drills” practice group (multiple classes weekly) rent time in the indoor practice studio for practice on the virtual simulator and other training tools in between lessons. 
  5. This is a 2-month training program, designed to guarantee improvement in your full swing. Lessons must be taken within 2-months of the first lesson date.
  6. All lessons will be located at Northgate C.C. at the indoor performance studio and driving range. Lessons include Trackman, and all game improvement resources. 
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