Located at Timber Creek Golf Club


Go Head-To-Head Against Houston Golfers For The ULTIMATE Prize Package

Think You Have What It Takes To Win It All?

What Is The Houston Trackman Open?
The Houston TrackMan Open is the easiest way to compete against Houston Golfers around the city at your convenience. This “Virtual Open” gives you the chance to compete with other golfers in your division. Who will be crowned the Houston Open Champion in 2020?

This is how it works.
You’ll be given a window of time to complete (TBD) rounds before the end of (TBD). The rounds will be played at the Golf Performance Indoor Practice Facility at Northgate Country Club in Houston, TX. Once your rounds are completed, we’ll announce the winners in each flight.


$75 Entry Fee (non-members)

$60 for Northgate Country Club Members

$37.50 for Academy Members (50% off!)

The test can be taken in 30-45 minutes. Upon completion, your score will be uploaded to the Houston Trackman Open leaderboard so you can see where you stand against your peers in Houston, TX. 

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