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4-Week Program For Better Ball Striking

There is no secret to consistent ball striking. Learn the simple aspects of the full swing you need to focus on and how to train it to play your best golf.

Cost: $179
Northgate Members $149

*Please note, if you are a current GPG Academy member, these classes are included with your membership, you do not need to purchase.

training programs have been featured on the following media outlets…

PGA Director JJ Wood, featured on CBS & TNT at 2017 PGA Championship


It is my goal to de-bunk all the golf “myths” that golfers have heard of their time playing this great, but frustrating game. For some reason, many amateur golfers feel like they are qualified to provide “swing tips” and advice to their friends even though they may not be qualified to do so. This is why the average handicap has not changed over the past 40 years, despite advancements in technology. The professional game players have improved, yet the regular weekend golfer has not. Why is that, because most golfers do not understand the simple principles to focus on in THEIR swing. 

Class Dates & Times

Golfers can attend one class per week. Classes will be held each week on Wednesday’s, Thursday’s and Saturday’s, starting November 18th. Each week will focus on a specific topic related to the full swing, students will be provided with weekly practice plans to complete between classes. Please see below for class days and times. 
*Note we will be taking Thanksgiving week off.

Weekly Agenda

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