Golf lessons for all ages & Abilities

Player Development Programs For All Ages And Abilities

We have a team of golf coaches, with a passion for helping golfers train smarter to enjoy the game more on the course. Students in our golf academy training programs, improve much faster than the traditional golf lesson.

Playing and coaching at the top level of professional golf, we have put together strategic training programs to help all golfers achieve their goals. It is the coaches responsibility to customize each golfers improvement plan to fit their goals, lifestyle and natural golf tendencies.

JJ Wood, PGA
Director of Instruction

Committed to excellence

GPG Director of Instruction selected at Blast Motion Golf Amabassador 

Golf lesson programs have been featured on…

Utilizing premium technology in all lesson programs
  • Private Lessons
  • Playing Lessons
  • Academy Memberships
  • Club Fittings
  • Golf Schools
  • Junior Golf Academy
  • US Kids Learning Program
  • PGA Junior League
We love helping golfers play better golf

Reviews from our Students...

Creating Happy Golfers!
Charlie, Houston

“This lesson was very productive and addressed a couple of swing concerns. My coach provided several cues that I can use as an on-course check, plus a tempo drill for the practice tee!”

Matt, Houston

“I highly recommend for adults and kids. Our lessons were effective but simple, which I appreciate very much given the many thoughts that can jam up the highway of information in a golfer’s mind both on the range and on the course. As an added bonus, he is friendly and easy to be around!”

Team of experienced golf coaches

Golf Performance Group

Golf Lessons For All Ages & Abilities 
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