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Elite Junior Golf Training

The Varsity Group now includes PGA Jr. League. PGAJL now offers a 14-17 year old division for competitive junior golfers. By including PGA Junior League our juniors are now able to compete against each other weekly, with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the PGA Jr. League Nationals, which is hosted on national television! 
By participating in the Summer Varsity Group Training Program and PGAJL Season, our junior golfers have the opportunity to be selected for our All-Star team (Top 6 players). The postseason begins in late July in some areas,  culminating with the PGA Jr. League National Championship in October.

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ABOUT THE VARSITY GROUP the objective of Varsity Group is to prepare competitive junior golfers for the next level. If you feel like you haven’t reached your potential, the Varsity Group is a proven holistic golf training program, similar to top college golf teams and how PGA Tour players practice.

Each practice has a specific practice plan, which incorporates premium technology, fundamental coaching, performance strategies, and game like competition.

The program is led by former NCAA coach and PGA Director of Instruction, JJ Wood. The Varsity program focuses on skill development, but we address all the different variables it takes to be a great player, such as tournament preparation, mental game and on course management.  See more below…. 


JJ Wood, PGA Director of Instruction
What They Say...
"We got offered a full ride! Thank you for all your coaching on her game and mentorship in the recruiting process. We couldn’t had done it without you!"
NCAA Golfer
"I first connected with JJ to receive help connecting with college coaches. I then utilized his mental game and golf lesson programs to prepare for competitive tournaments. These programs worked, as I won the Texas State Junior Championship and have a golf scholarship to Arkansas, Little Rock!"
NCAA Golfer
"The advice we received, help with the golf recruiting video, resume, letter, tournament scheduling and coaches contact information has been really helpful. Overall, the program as been very very good! You have guided us very well and we now feel like we have a plan and are executing a plan. The recruiting booklet and practice guides were extremely helpful...."
NCAA Golfer


REGISTER FOR THE VARSITY GROUP Select an option below to reserve your spot in the varsity group training program.

After you checkout below, you will be sent to the PGA Junior League registration page.

1-Day Practice Pass

Choose a Varsity Group practice that fits your schedule
$ 100 one-time fee
  • 2-hour performance style practice
  • No commitment

Summer Training

Total Value $750
$ 575 one-time fee
  • 1-Hour Game Evaluation with JJ Wood
  • Weekly Varsity Group Practice
  • Weekly PGAJL Matches
  • Access to GPG indoor training studio
  • PGA Junior League Matches (17U)

Varsity Group

3-month minimum committment
$ 250 monthly
  • Monthly Game Evaluation with JJ Wood
  • 8 practice hours monthly
  • Access to GPG indoor training studio
  • PGA Junior League Matches (17U)
  • PGA Tour Strokes Gained Software
  • Savings of $350/monthly

Golf Performance Group at Northgate Country Club is an indoor/ outdoor golf academy equipped with all the best golf technology to help golfers improve faster. Junior Golfers in the Varsity Group program gain access to all the premium game improvement tools used by the pro’s!

After you checkout out for the varsity group or monthly program, you will receive the link to be apart of our PGA Junior League team. All players must register through the PGA Junior League and pay the $75 PGAJL registration fee. THE PGA Junior League is optional, if you would just like to participate in our Varsity Group training program and weekly matches, you do not need to complete the $75 PGAJL registration fee on the next page.

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